The Hebocon Aftermath

On the 7th of October in 2016 at seventeen hundred hours the battle of the stupid robots commenced in the workshop at the University of Malmö. For Sweden, this was probably the first battle of its kind but judging from the turnout it will not be the last. Hosted in the land of the north many nations gathered for the battle known as Hebocon. By close proximity, a strong Danish presence was expected and Denmark prevailed but so did the rest of Europe and World. Some combatants had come as far as the other side of the world (probably not just for the event but that’s beside the point) and all show great courage, valor, and honor in battle.

In one to one combat, they fought and one after the other they fell while others emerged as victorious. Some for prolonged battles where both combatants displayed great uselessness in not being able to even touch. Others swift, where they show no mercy nor intelligence when they hurdled their opponent and themselves of the table. Victorious or not, all robots showed us the worst technology has to offer. Rumors also flourished about some robots being on performance enhancing microprocessors but nothing could be proved nor was there a need to check because all robots still sucked equally.

While the judges of the battlefield tried to keep order but some decisions were beyond their judging abilities and the robots faith were left to the crowd. The voice of the people slew more robots than any of the contestants. In the final battle, three robots entered the arena for a fight until the end. Or the crowd was hoping for a spectacular fight to the end but in true Hebocon fashion the crowd had to put an end to the battle when the bad excuses for robots could not. The voice of the crowd would once again roar, this time, not for blood but for their champion.

final battle

We are proud to announce the 2016 Swedish Hebocon undefeated championess as Hilde of Nilsson and here robot Loui which, shall hereby be known as “Loui the great” throughout the lands.

We want to thank all the participants that came out and made this event spectacular and rest assure that new Hebocon battle plans are in the making. Here is a collection of pix and videos from our friends. Since we had so much fun we forgot to take good pictures/video so tnx to James, Bo, Clarisa, Nils and Daniel for sending us yours. TV4 also came by to report on the event. The production value on this segment is way to high to post here so you will need to follow the link.

Word on the street is that the brain carried some extra juice? img_6004

Mattias Nordbergs monkey, or at least that is what he claims it was.  img_6002

Marcus Johansson Tommelilla Aligator img_5992

Don’t know what this one was called since it scared the crap out of me and i did not go anywhere near it. img_5991

Hilde and Loui the Great 20161007_180135

The massive crowd and if you don’t look hard in the corner that is not a beer. So not hard don’t look!

The semi-final was a close one, or at least for one second. 20161007_180340

One more pic of the crowd having massive amounts of fun.