Jump in the line

The TAs in the ioio lab have been hard at work helping our workshop to update their que system. In the past students needed to assign their names to a waiting list in order to get help from the workshop keepers. The system works, however the pen and paper used felt a bit dated and our TAs have taken it upon themselves digitalized the waiting system.

They have now released the first version of the system which consist of screens located in the workshop area where the waiting list is displayed. In order for students to add themselves to the list they just need to head over to the web app and take a ticket.

Through the app it is also possible to add a location where the students need and for how long in order to give the students behind in the que a sense of when it is their turn. This also helps the workshop keepers to better plan, manage and find the students that need help.


The beta version app running in the workshop right now can be found on the following link




In the future we will post a full review of how its made but for now If you are interested in in the inner workings please visit the ioio Github to check out the code.