Hey ho, you should go

10 years ago, David helped creating a new format for interactive art events called “Interactivos”. Back then 8 students from K3-IDK went down to Madrid and helped developing a series of projects as well as got the chance to exhibit their own ones at the Medialab Madrid.

Since then, Medialab Madrid changed name to Medialab Prado and also location, from an old palace in the old town, moved to a really fancy building close to the Atocha train station. However, the event, “Interactivos”, hasn’t changed. As a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary and knowing the strong influence K3 had in the creation of that event, David have got the request from the organizers to ask our students to apply with their project ideas.

There are two modalities of participation:

1) they suggest a project, get accepted and they cover the trip, accommodation and most of the meals for the two weeks the project takes place

2) they propose themselves as team players, in other words, they don’t propose a project, but they put their skills at the service of other people’s projects. For people from K3-IxD the organisation promised to cover accommodation as well as food, and that they will apply for travel expenses -though they cannot promise they will get that money

The chosen projects will be exhibited for some time at Medialab’s gallery, but they will also me shown at other places. Medialab is very good at promoting the projects. For example, the projects made in 2006 by the K3 students, were exhibited at Ars Electronica in Austria that same year. And the students were invited to travel to the festival and part take for free.

This experience was a life-changing one for many people. Some got to learn about the link between art and technology, some made friends for life, some met their soul-partners, some just enjoyed Madrid and the opportunity of making some funky projects.

This year’s topic is open, which means applicants can take whatever critical design idea they have in mind.

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