Hebocon Malmö

Dear friends,

We, the community of makers and thinkers from the Orkanen universe, want to invite you to participate in the forthcoming Hebocon Malmo 2.0. Hebocon is a competition for the technically un-gifted. You are meant to build a robot in a couple of hours and bring it to the competition to measure it’s power against all the other (crappy) robots.

This second edition of the best competition ever created will take place on March 17th at Orkanen’s workshop. Doors will be open for the visitors at 17.30 and the competition will start at 18.00. Shortly we will announce the URL for you to subscribe.

This competition is great for you aspiring to become a roboticist, but also a dentist and everything in between. It is not only allowed but encouraged to build robots together with your kids and bringing them along to the competition (the kids and the robots).

It will be possible to see some of the competing machines during the Open Day that will take place on March 16th at Niagara’s 5th floor.

Register @ https://goo.gl/forms/HFf9B9gMjNu5VIjl1

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