This event investigates the cultural, material and political implications of execution. Software permeates our environment. We co-exist in an increasingly datafied present in which algorithms and abstract coded processes execute across different scales, materialising and operating at the micro and macro levels of our actions.

The aim of this event is to explore the concept of execution in the form of artisitic and critical practice. How can we understand the affective, embodied, performative, programmed processes of execution in the world today? By gathering together researchers working with diverse theoretical and artistic practices, we hope to encourage a critical curiosity and engagement with the theme of execution.

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Topics might include:

execution as power / execution as decision / execution as critique / execution as temporal performance / execution as co-constitutive of the human and nonhuman / execution as prescriptive of universalising norms / execution as cruelty / execution as allegorical construct
This three-day event follows the earlier gathering in Dec 2015 for the Executions: conversations on code, power & death (version 0.1) event. There will be keynotes by Femke Snelting (Constant) and Susan Schuppli (Goldsmiths University), as well as workshops lead by the keynotes and also two collaborators, Peggy Pierrot and Roel Roscam Abbing, with each workshop delving further into the subject matters of the keynote talks. The event will finish with an open, day-long PhD masterclass (worth 2 ECTS credits, more details below). The masterclass asks for artistic prototypes dealing with the theme of execution and these prototypes will be available for viewing (at certain designated times) in an informal exhibit held in the Medea space by the ground floor entrance of the Niagara building over the course of the entire event.

These events are instantiations of an on-going discussion by the critical software thing group, a collection of researchers with a common interest in exploring, reflecting on and working with code.

P.S. Note that a few days after execution, from 2-3 May, there will be an event arranged by colleagues that is also happening at Malmö Högskola and may be of potential interest: RADiCAL.PiRATiCAL.