Elias Lindblad – Dennis Johansson – Mattias Döj – Marie Benoist Nowadays many smart glasses are on the market and the features offered are huge, that’s why it’s really difficult to find an interesting functionality. This wearable is really convenient and allows you to be hands free and so performing tasks more easily than with your phone. The main purpose of most smart glasses (like Google glasses) are to make you life easier by proposing you some tools to improve your daily life. Often the glasses just allow you to do the same tasks than with your phone, but sometimes they are really more than just an extend phone. Thanks to some smart glasses you can display holograms in your world (like HoloLens of Microsoft). With all these glasses we focus too much on organize our life and simplify it and then we forgot an important point of our daily life : have fun. That’s why we chose to create glasses for entertainment.