By: Malin Dotevall Banks, Nasir Hussein & Niklas Svanberg

Have you ever worried that someone might be violating your personal integrity this very second? Or maybe the fact that at any moment a swarm of drones may darken the sky?
The rules and norms around the usage of drones are still a little bit fussy and every now and then incidents involving drones hit the news. Airports have been forced to briefly shut down due to air space being breached and people have found drones peeking at them as they’ve laid by the pool in their own gardens. This week we have been working on a solution to alert people of the presence of this, possibly threatening, technology.

Further we chose to play with the idea that this wearable will not directly alert the wearer but instead warn the surrounding people. The concept we came up with is a hat with ultrasound that scans the sky for all kinds of drones, if one is detected LED’s light up in the direction of the sensed drone and warns the surrounding people and everyone can take cover.

The LED will also add value to the drone’s pilot, as they will know that the drone’s position has been compromised.