The Institute of Interactive objects (IOIO) formally know as “the lab” at the University of Malmö. The lab was founded in 2004 and has some of the longest running classes in physical computing and prototyping related fields of studies. IOIO deals with the intersection between art, architecture, design and media where factually and student staff work closely together. IOIO is committed to a “buttoms up” approach to education and research where non-traditional methods have become tradition.

IOIO deals with cutting edge tangible interfaces on the cutting edge and serves as connection in-between the University and industry both locally and on a global scale.

This website is dedicated to the promotion of projects made I relation to IOIO and to act as resource for information to our students. We are constantly moving physical computing and prototyping forward and if you are interested in where we are at right now, feel free to get in touch.


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